Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Because I have young children

And I'm sure you can imagine what came next.

Because paper straws suck

But not the way they are meant to.

Because it took 2 weeks

To plan a gallery wall.

Because I save junk

To store more junk.

Because paint pens

Are never the color you picked when applied to wood.

Because the kids

Can't reach their bath toys.

Because there is no good reason

To decorate a laundry closet.

Because chevron

Has infiltrated my home.

Because this isn't good enough

I need to make custom shelf liners. Preferably in chevron.

Because washi tape

Has taken over my life.

Because now I need to paint

No matter how cool a project looks, no one wants to pin my green walls.

Because this pitcher couldn't just be empty

And I don't even drink wine.

Because I had to buy an app.

So I could do this stupid before & after photo.

Because cork board covered in fabric

Now I can't just put a pin in it. It has to be pinteresting.

Command strips are expensive

But I need them to hang all the things.

Eggs cost more

Because I need fancy cartons to organize my junk drawer.